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the logo for an upcoming music video game, orc meem is shown in purple and blue
80s Logo Collection
80s Logo Collection on Behance
the cover art for luci dream's album, checkerboarded out
Le Cast - "Lucid Dream"
Le Cast - "Lucid Dream" on Behance
neon text that says highway superstar on the front and back of it, in pink and blue
80s script font - Google Search
a blue neon sign that says chrome and neon
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Chrome and Neon
the words galaxy are written in silver on a purple and blue background
Only You Logo
Only You Logo by Michael Brun, via Behance
the logo for blood and chrome is shown in red, orange, and blue colors
Blood + Chrome logo and branding.
an album cover for the original version of miami vice, featuring two palm trees in front of
Miami Vice Theme, Jan Hammer
Miami Vice Theme b/w Evan; The Original Miami Vice Theme. Jan Hammer, MCA Records/USA (1985)
the words basic value are shown in an old style font
Uzicopter: The Signalnoise Tumblr
chromeandlightning: “ Sergio Roffo ‘87 ”
the logo for massive design is shown in purple and blue colors, with stars above it
MASSIVE DG on Behance
the title for be excellent to each other with an image of space and stars in the background
Signalnoise :: The Art of James White
Signal Noise
a man standing in front of a red ball on top of a blue field with mountains