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a man is holding a paper airplane in his hands and the words giant paper airplanes made with poster board
Giant Paper Airplane Activity for Kids
Fine motor activities for children Fine Motor, Infant Activities, Pre K, Montessori, Motor Activities, Montessori Activities, Manualidades, Preschool Activities, Preschool Art Activities
Fine motor activities for children - Preschool and Primary
Fine motor activities for children
Painting with snake bubbles!
Difficulty: Easy Materials: • Empty water bottle (bottom cut off) • Baby wipe • Hair tie/rubber band • Water & soap mixed • Food coloring • Card stock paper
a young boy sitting on top of a sandy beach next to an ocean painting palette
Motherhood | Mandy Roberson on Instagram: "Headed to the beach this summer with kids? Pack some water color paints in your beach bag! After your kids collect shells, just fill up a bucket with water and they can paint them right there on the beach! It doesn’t get much more fun than that! I learned this hack from @alex_a_jeffries ! #beachhacks #momhacks #momhack #travelwithkids #kidsactivities #toddleractivities #toddlercrafts"
several pieces of sushi on a plate with toothpicks and garnishes
Sushi-style Sandwich Roll Recipe
This lunchbox-friendly sushi offers a fun twist on traditional sandwich ingredients, including veggies. Plus, the cheesy rice is a hit with kids.
a purple desk with writing paper on it and pencils sitting on top of it
a cardboard planter made to look like an animal house with plants growing out of it
a washer and dryer sitting in front of a laundry sign on the wall
Laundry dramatic play
some clothes racks and shelves in a room with the words 20 diy clothing rack projects
26 DIY Clothing Rack Projects For Cheap
Here are some great examples of DIY clothing racks. These would be great for college students with little dorm space or for people who need a place to hang clothing in their basement, garage, or attic.
the instructions for how to make an adorable cake
Community wall photos – 29,508 photos
four bags filled with green leaves sitting on top of a white table next to an electronic device
Tea Bags