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a multicolored cake on a plate with lollipops in the background
a blue cake with green frosting on top and stars around the edges, sitting on a black surface
DIY Marshmallow Fondant - Everyday Annie
DIY Marshmallow Fondant - I know I will have to use fondant eventually on my cakes. It might as well taste better than store bought!
a birthday cake that is shaped like a rocket ship
moon cake
a birthday cake with an alien on top and stars around the edges that says, you're out of this world
Outer Space Alien Cake
Adorable Outer Space Alien Cake
a birthday cake decorated to look like a rocket ship with frogs on top and stars in the sky
Galaxy Travel | Galaxy Travel
a cake on a blue plate with an american flag sticking out of it's top
Austronaut on moon cake
an astronaut cake with cupcakes and decorations
Space Odyssey
space cakes
an advertisement for cake designer's creative creations featuring green aliens on top of the moon
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Fiorella Balzamo
a birthday cake with an astronaut on top
Space Cake
Space cake