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a cross stitch pattern with the words embroidery birthday written on it and colorful crayons
40 Times People Showed Off Their Best Embroidery Works
an embroidery project with different colored fish and sea animals on white fabric, in the shape of a circle
Sealife Embroidery - Free Pattern!
a cross stitch pattern with a lighthouse on it's side and a yellow light at the top
Lighthouse *sold*
some type of embroidery stitchs are shown in black and white, with the words embroidery stitches
Craft like a ma'am
an embroidery pattern with a boat in the ocean and waves on it's side
87 Flowers 4 | Sewing Embroidery Designs, Hand Embroidery 25A
an embroidery pattern with mermaids and sea creatures in a circle on a white background
15+ ocean & beach embroidery designs to stitch
a crab and seaweed in the water with bubbles
finishing up some stitching...
a green crocheted turtle with yellow shells on it's back
an embroidery project with colorful designs on it
My "Under the Sea" embroidery hoop
an embroidered octopus is shown in the hoop
87 Flowers 4 | Sewing Embroidery Designs, Hand Embroidery
an embroidered monogrammed wall hanging on the wall above a white wall with blue and green accents
an embroidered seahorse is shown on the side of a piece of fabric with gold thread