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Ireland is beautiful.
A visit to the Great Saltee Island off of Kilmore Quay, Ireland.
large piles of rocks stacked on top of each other in front of a sky background
Claddagh ring blog - The Giants Causeway.
a bridge that is over some water with buildings in the background and people walking on it
Arguably the most famous bridge in Ireland. The Ha'penny Bridge across the river Liffey in Dublin has certainly inspired many artists. I would say it is the most painted bridge in Ireland. Infact I have a painting of it in my own workshop.
an owl sitting on top of a wooden post in front of some grass and dirt
Irish Barn Owl. These owls are very easy to recognize. They are a honey color on top and very white underneath, with a beautiful heart-shaped face and long legs.
a scenic view of mountains, lakes and trees in the foreground with a body of water in the distance
Glendalough is a glacial valley praised for its rugged natural beauty.
two birds sitting on top of a snow covered tree branch with a quote about being single means to be content with what is magnificent and valuable in life
Irish garden birds, the robin red breast. #ireland
an aerial view of some water and land
The Burren from above.
a purple sky is reflected in the water at dusk, with buildings on either side
Purple dawn crossing the river Liffey, Dublin Ireland. #Ireland #Ha'penny Bridge