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a bowl filled with noodles and meat next to an egg
two people sitting at a counter with boxes and cans in front of them, one holding a red bow on her head
Kiki's delivery service, ghibli
Kiki's delivery service, ghibli
a desk with a lamp, books and other items on it in front of a window
a cartoon refrigerator with magnets and papers on it
an art project with watercolors and paints on the table next to it is a drawing of a snail
Flower studio ghibli painting
#painting #gouache #flower
Ideas, Reference, Fantasy Landscape, Inspirasi, Sanat
。゚⤹magic_berry_bear☁︎︎ ゚。
a black cat sitting in front of some donuts
a person writing on a piece of paper next to a lamp and desk with books
two plates with eggs and cheese on them
a cat laying on top of a rug next to other items