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a collage of images with the words cami in different colors and font styles
Identidade Visual para uma marca de Design gráfico @cami.design__
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an image of some type of poster with different colors and font on the bottom half
The Boba - brand identity
Bubble Tea store Branding Design | #logo #brandidentity #logodesign #brandingdesign #visualidentity
the website for fleur verite is displayed with flowers
La Fleur Verte Brand Design by JZ Creative Space
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the front page of a magazine with flowers and text on it, including an image of a
Fleur Verte Website Design by JZ Creative Space
Squarespace template design by JZ Creative Space. Squarespace website for a blogger, creator, influencer, business coach, podcaster, writer. website layout, web design portfolio, website design, blog, landing page, Squarespace customizations, woocommerce, professional website design, website ideas inspiration, Squarespace website, Squarespace design, Squarespace template, Squarespace blog, Squarespace shop, aesthetic website design
an image of a woman holding up a laptop screen with the words very much a vibe not a trend on it
Bold Bright eCommerce Website for Fashion Designer by Sereth Design
When crafting House of Chelsea B’s digital Shopify website, we wanted to bring all the elements of the brand’s personality to the site - and make it anything but a dull shopping experience. The goal was to have the site be a mirror of the experience one gets when seeing Chelsea’s pieces on the runway, in a music video, in a feature photo, or on their doorstep ready to be worn. We colored outside the lines with unique hover shapes, a custom cursor, and an experimental grid layout.