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vegan chocolate chip cookies stacked on top of each other
Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies - Eating Made Easy
Vegan chocolate chip cookies made with coconut oil. Vegan or not you'll love these cookies!
small bowls filled with meatballs on top of a blue plate next to other food items
Vegan Recipes in Easy Steps
Tahini and Dates Raw Snack Balls | #vegan #glutenfree
three pieces of brownie on a plate next to a bowl of strawberries
Raw Vegan Chocolate Cranberry Energy Bars
Raw Vegan Chocolate Cranberry Energy Bars Makes 8-12 bars or squares ■1 C walnuts ■1/2 C almonds ■1 C soft Medjool dates ■1 C dried cranberries ■1/4 C ground flax(use golden flax for a milder flavor and make sure your flax is well ground before using it in the recipe) ■2 tsp vanilla ■pinch salt ■1/4 C + 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
three pieces of raw snickkers bars stacked on top of each other with chocolate and nuts
Raw Vegan Snickers Bars - Days Like Laura
healthy snickers bars // raw, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free
purple and white desserts are arranged on a plate
The best cookbooks to inspire wholesome Autumnal dishes - from old classics to new releases
Dessert Recipe: Raw Blueberry & Cashew Coconut Bars #vegan #recipes #plantbased #healthy #whatveganseat #glutenfree #dessert
cookies on a cookie sheet ready to be baked in the oven or baking tins
Oat, coconut and cacao, aka super healthy oatmeal cookies
Oat, coconut and cacao cookies (vegan, no flour, no sugar) Some of the easiest cookies to make and by far the healthiest!
two pictures of granola bars with blueberries and almonds on top, one is cut in half
Oatmeal Breakfast Bars - Dessert for Breakfast!
Oatmeal Superfood Breakfast Bars loaded with protein, clean, healthy ingredients. Perfect way to start your day. Gluten free and Vegetarian - A Healthy Life For Me
chocolate candies in a box on a wooden table next to a spoon and some dried raisins
oatmeal cookies with bananas and raisins are on a wooden surface
Chunky Monkey Vegan Breakfast Cookies
vegan chunky monkey QUINOA breakfast cookies -- because cookies for breakfast need to happen everyday!
a white bowl filled with chocolate truffles covered in coconut
Almond Joy Energy Bites | Gimme Some Oven
Almond Joy Energy Bites 2
a jar filled with nuts sitting on top of a wooden table
A New Nutella - DeliciouslyElla
Nutella maison - Ella Woodward
a bowl filled with chocolate truffles on top of a wooden table
Deliciously Ella | Deliciously Ella (UK)
Cacao, date and walnut truffle bites: gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan
the ingredients are laid out in bowls and ready to be used for making banana bread
Madeline Bourke - Health food fitness travel style
a bowl filled with granola sitting on top of a wooden table next to a glass container
Deliciously Ella | Deliciously Ella (UK)
Banana & almond granola clusters