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the stairs are made of concrete and wood
West London - Lazenby
Idea for steps to all look like this( the concrete part) not sure how to incorporate the gold but maybe as edging
a spiral staircase on the side of a building
Gallery of Housing operation Île Saint-Denis / Périphériques Architectes - 9
an apartment building with white balconies and windows on the second floor that have vertical slats
an apartment building with balconies and windows
Tips & advies over gevelbekleding — Mato
an open window with bars on the outside
Gallery of In Progress: Housing 912 / H Arquitectes - 23
a staircase with black and white walls, gold handrails and a painting on the wall
Gallery of Paddington Residence by Daniel Boddam / The Local Project
an elegant staircase with white columns and black railing
Chairish | For Chic And Unique Homes
the stairs are made of wood and black metal, with handrails on each side
a set of stairs with black railings and handrails
the stairs lead up to an indoor swimming pool in this modern home with wood and metal railings
Michael K Chen Architecture
an empty room with wooden floors and white walls, stairs leading up to the second floor
there is a set of stairs in the building with wood handrails and metal railings
Gallery of Armazém Luxury Housing / Pedra Líquida - 24
the inside of a building with wooden flooring and metal railings on both sides