Line icons / illustrations for a series of D&D stories that I write and design called 'fantasy'. Each icon depicts a chapter from a…
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a black and white image of a giraffe with the words avaus & zydr on it
Avius & Zyldryr
Chapter two from the 'Scalebound' story
a goat head with horns and an astrological sign in the middle on a dark background
Chapter one from the 'Scalebound' story
an image of a deer on the trail logo
On the Trail
an anchor with the word god's cove written in white on a black background
Gold Cove
the logo for nightwarish friend is shown in front of a purple background with stars
Nightmarish Fiend
an image of a space scene with the words cultist's flight on it
Cultist's Plight
a black and white photo with the word sparta in front of an ancient greek temple
the medusa logo is lit up in front of an old greek temple at night
the moon and stars are in the dark sky above the water, which reads quest for the lunar shard
Quest for the Lunar Shard
Coven, Writing
The Wretched Coven
the logo for a dance encounter is shown in front of trees and dark sky with white lines
A Chance Encounter
a dark forest with the words your chart awaits in front of it and an illuminated chess piece
Your Chariot Awaits
an image of a castle in the dark with text that reads, alliances form
Alliances Form
Crypt of the Dead Crypt, Dead
Crypt of the Dead
three different types of animals on a dark background with the words, vol2 d'ornames
Vol.2: Dynasties - A series of iconistrations
four different types of drawings in the dark
Vol.1: Frivolities A series of iconistrations
the king logo on a black background with white letters and an image of a bull's head
The Ring
the logo for round table knights on a dark background with an image of a hand holding a lightbulb
Round-Table Knights
No Way Out
a dark room with the text elitrix of all power on it
Elixir of All-Power
an animated image of a pyramid in the dark with text that reads, african temple
Aztecan Temple
A Village in Distress Village, Distress, In Distress
A Village in Distress
an ancient forest logo with trees in the background
An Ancient Forest
a black and white photo with trees in the background that has a drawing of a person on it
Mystic Hand
Knight - Animated icon
the wolf & the missp logo on a dark background with trees in the foreground
The Wolf & The Wisp
a cross in the middle of a dark room with light coming from it's center
Knife logo mark