Pen, ink, and (zen)tangling

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a drawing of a girl wearing sunglasses and a striped dress with her hair pulled back
illustration by Kapi *
three paper dolls with sunglasses on display in front of a wall
a black and white drawing of a woman with curly hair
LISA GRUE — koko art agency
LISA GRUE — koko art agency
a drawing of a woman with glasses on her face and hand near her mouth, looking to the side
watercolor and ink drawing of flowers in a mason jar
a drawing of a fish in a bottle with a heart hanging from it's side
Cute Drawing Ideas that Portray Love
an ocean themed background with marine animals and other things in black ink on white paper
Kawaii Pen Shop
Marine life doodles | sea | fish | summer | ocean doodles | bullet journal doodling ideas
a christmas card with the words loading on it
a small square card with a drawing of a snowman and a bird on it
A Christmas History Of Our Family: Our Homemade Christmas Cards