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an image of flowers that are in different colors and sizes, with the names below them
"I Wrote This In Your Favorite Color": An Original Poem About Balancing Love And Self-Care
Designers love colour! The RGB spectrum we work with on our digital computers gives us the widest possible range of colour to work with, much wider than the range of hues that can be replicated in CMYK inks, but that’s not to say there aren’t some ultra bright print projects out there to admire. In […] ... mo ... mor
a card with watercolor flowers on it
a person holding up a card with watercolor flowers on it
Bluebellarts by Padmini on Instagram: “Have a lovely day! 😊 Simple colourful flowers for you for a beautiful Wednesday, very easy to paint! 💐💖 And the delicate flower…”
a group of colorful birds standing next to each other
Geninne's Art Blog: May 2009
12 ways to add crazy texture to your watercolor paintings for beginners
Watercolor Blueberries | How to paint blueberries | Blueberry Bunch | Blueberry Video | Blue Berry
the hedgehogs are drawn on paper with colored pencils and watercolor paints
a woman holding up a painting in front of her face and smiling at the camera
Andrea Nelson on Instagram: "I couldn’t find the original poster of this hack on Instagram (it’s tagged on the other app), but definitely go follow @themightierpencil for great art content! And yes you could do this with goth glue, but the point of the glue is to create a barrier for watercolor paint, so not necessary here 😊 #easyart #learntopaint #kidart #instamom #acrylicpainting #arthack #hanguppableart"