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a wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of containers and boxes on it's sides
See How This Garage Was Turned Into an Instant Garden Shed
Such a great garage idea.
a shelf filled with lots of different types of cakes and desserts on top of it
Farmhouse 1890 Line
an open kitchen with lots of food on display
The Little Corner
This is now my official dream kitchen island! and those flowerpot lights!, everything about this is AWESOME!
several people in a kitchen preparing food for customers to eat at the counter and behind them are shelves filled with fruit
Mein Food-Guide für Kapstadt! Mit dem fantastischen Neighbourgoods Market, feinen Cafés, Kracher-Restaurants und den besten Smoothies der Stadt.
Orchard on Long 211 Long Street / City Centre Mo-Fr 9-17h / Sa 9-15h
fruit and vegetables are arranged in baskets on the wall
Nekter Juice Bar – Mountain View - Laundry In Louboutins
Nekter Juice Bar
a green shelf filled with lots of different kinds of teapots and coffee cups
I already have a wall in my kitchen set aside for this awesomeness....
a statue of a chicken on top of a wooden block in front of some trees
Amazing sculpture made from chicken wire by artist Ivan Lovatt
two chickens sitting on top of a wooden bench in the grass next to each other
Helen Godfrey Wire Sculpture - don't these chooks would do too much damage to my garden!
an organized pantry with lots of food and drinks
Butlers pantry. Countertop with open shelving.
an open pantry with lots of jars and containers on the shelves, labeled'save '
:: leaving our nest
I pinned my favorite organized pantry. Pin yours in the Balance Bar® Spring Into Balance Giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Gift Certificate to the Container Store, a JR Watkins Gift Set and our Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars! #SpringIntoBalance.
the pantry is filled with many jars and containers | The official home for all things Disney
Start Saving Your Jars - Pasta jars are great for recycling and using to store food. Find out more at Escapade.
the shelves are filled with spices and herbs
Herb Drying Rack: ~Thyme: infection/fever tea ~Marjoram: culinary (Italian seasoning blend) ~Stevia: homegrown sweetener ~Lavender: I can't seem to grow enough. ~Lemon Balm: sedative, calming, and anti- depressive herb used in teas or bath soaks. ~Oregano: infection fighter, culinary (Italian seasoning blend).
shelves filled with lots of different kinds of jars
Browse Landscaping 101 - Gardenista
Root cellar shelves of canning jars