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a woman holding a baby with the words how to actually enjoy your first week with a newborn
What I Wish I'd Know the First Weeks After Baby Came Home
a pregnant woman holding her belly in front of the cover of a magazine called the nesting challenge
The Nesting Challenge: 8 Weeks and 8 Projects to Totally Prepare You for Baby!
The Nesting Challenge 8 weeks, 8 projects to have you totally ready for baby!
there are pictures of the baby's room in this house and it is all white
Koda's Gender Neutral Nursery
Gender Neutral Nursery After posting a few pics on Instagram of the nursery we put together for the new babe, I got tons of
a baby's room with wallpaper and pictures on the walls, including animals
a baby's crib is next to a white dresser with drawers and clothes on it
From Closet to Baby's Nursery - FrugElegance
From Closet to Baby's Nursery at
a baby's nursery closet with white furniture and black and white accessories on shelves
Nursery utilizing closet space
a baby's room with white furniture and plants
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Walk - in Closet To Mini Nursery
Walk-in closet turned Mini Nursery! • Phase 1 of this is finally done. • I used this gorgeous rug from @wellwovenrugs as inspo for my wall paint colors and when I made the name sign for above the crib. • I have two small-ish projects left to complete the space in here but with baby girl still sleeping in the bassinet beside my bed, I'm in no rush. • Come hang out in stories and I'll go over what is left to do to complete phase 2! • I'll also be sharing what her actual bedroom upstairs looks like later this week and the plans I have for it. • That will be going down end of summer through fall so I can give myself plenty of time (mom of 3 + Lemon 🐶) to get it done before she's ready to move up there. • Once she's sleeping through the night and out of the closet I'll have to figure