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the big ben clock tower towering over the city of london, england as seen from across the river
Big Ben, London Photography - Modern Fine Art Print
I chose to pin this photo because I have always wanted to see London. I also chose it because I like the way Big Ben stands up into the clouds
two people are toasting with wine glasses in front of the water and buildings on the other side
I like this photo because it almost seems like it's showing the scene in first person perspective and because the way the light shines through the glasses is really cool.
the leaning tower is in front of an orange and blue sky with clouds above it
20 Most Beautiful Places in Italy
I chose to pin this picture because I thought the background created a really interesting mood. The mix of the strong reds at the bottom and the blues on top is great.
a large cactus in the middle of a desert at sunset with purple sky and clouds
Desert Sunset Cactus Landscape Printed Photography Backdrop - 4634
I pinned this photo because I like how the horizon is the only part that has any light, but it allows us to see the silhouette of the cactus on the right side.