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(o•ᴗ•o) • halflings love their new giant children

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Cheryl 🍡 (@cysketch) / Twitter
Bookmarks / Twitter

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Take Time to Recharge Battery Enamel Pin Mental Health Pin | Etsy


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JadeQ 🐦Comm in-progress on X: "[CR3] Warm ups with the talkers of BH" / X

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#SheIsQueenDaikonLegsMeme #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsAndFeet #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsGif #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsAndThighs #SheIsQueenDaikonLegs #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsIrl #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsReal #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsMeaning #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsInRealLife #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsGirl #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsAndLegs #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsAndArms #SheIsQueenDaikonLegsAtNight

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ArtStation - Tiles forest, Miriam Carvajal Díaz
Michelle Morin

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Brutamor: A força do querer

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5 variations for posing a sitting character - References for drawing a sitting character.

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@NiRiatsu on twt

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☀ cut open my sternum and pull ☀
Hands hands hands i'm going to sd for a bit so i'm starting a bunch of new pages in my sketchbook before i leave


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Rosa na Twitterze: „Eros and Psyche” / Twitter

Fairy core

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Tarot | The Art of R.Black
The Emperor Tarot Card
Circo Tarot - Emperor Card Meaning


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By: mohtz on tumblr
Greek Mythology | The Muses  Calliope - Epic Poetry, Urania - Astronomy, Polyhymnia - Hymns, Thalia - Comedy, Clio - History, Erato - Love Poetry, Euterpe - Lyric Poetry, Melpomene - Tragedy, Terpsichore - Dance :)

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Read Ride or Die :: CH 1 . Update 1 | Tapas Community

Comic styles

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