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a person holding a jar filled with ginger tumeric shots
Immunity Boosting Ginger Turmeric Shots | Lynn Mumbing Mejia
three desserts sitting on top of each other in glass containers
campfire cocktail recipe - My Sweet Savannah
campfire cocktail recipe - My Sweet Savannah
root beer rum creams are being poured into jars with ice and caramel syrup
Root Beer Rum Creams.
someone holding up a cup of coffee with marshmallows in it's center
Mexican Mocha
This is a quick and flavor recipe to make your own healthy, homemade mexican mocha. Save money and Calories by making it at home and the ingredients are clean!
slow cooker drinkable pumpkin pie with text overlay
Slow Cooker Drinkable Pumpkin Pie
Like a pumpkin spice version of hot cocoa, without the chocolate! Slow cooker drinkable pumpkin pie can be made and served in your crock pot for your next party. I love this easy to make hot pumpkin holiday drink and can't wait to make it at Thanksgiving
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a cup of cocoa and spices on a plate with the words anti - inflamatory spiced hot cocoa
🍫 Vegan Spiced Hot Cocoa Anti-Inflammatory Drink
the logo for toque coffee is shown in orange and black letters on a white background
Torque Coffees | Beautiful Coffees - Farmer Equity - Coffee Roaster