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a child's hand holding a piece of paper with numbers on it and a roll the dice to 100
Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten
Roll the Dice to 100 - estimate how many rolls it will take, then roll the die & use a different color for each roll.
the snowman doubles worksheet is shown in black and white, with an image of
Daily 5 Math- Paper and Pencil Activities****FREEBIES**** (as always)
Daily 5 Math- Paper and Pencil Activities****FREEBIES**** (as always)
a worksheet with numbers and symbols for children
Freebie: Names for Numbers Worksheet
Freebie: Highlight Names for 8! Kiddos love to use a highlighter! When they check over their work, have them use their pencil to X out any picture that doesn't represent the number. Enjoy!
a bulletin board with writing on it in front of a whiteboard that says, letter combinations
Vowel Combos
I use the letter combination chart in my classroom. It's a great resource for students to use while they are writing.
a blue bird with a pink hat on it's head is standing in front of a
Fern's Freebie Friday ~ Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension Supplement #FREEBIE #TPT
parts of speech sort worksheet with pictures
Movie, Alarm Clocks, & Freebies Galore!!!
Parts of Speech Freebie Sort- would be excellent for follow along with SmartBoard. One student at a time on the board sorting while students sort at their desk...
two digit addition worksheet with numbers
2 digit addition Freebie
a poster with the words double trouble and numbers to 10 - 11, which are written in
Great poster for teaching doubles facts.
a turkey wearing a pilgrim hat with numbers on it's face and the words gobble gobble doubles
Gobble Gobble Doubles Addition Game
FREE Gobble Goggle Doubles Addition Facts (This is a game that she made for my firsties to practice their doubles facts.)
two dices and one number are shown in this worksheet for the math game
Double Trouble
Double Trouble: Dice games to teach double addition facts up to 12 and counting-up.
a sign that says doubles plus 1 and doubles minus 1 if you know a double
An Inquiry into Math Instruction
Doubles plus one/ Doubles minus one- one of my favorite second grade strategies.
two pieces of paper with the words regroup don't regroup written on them
Addition and Subtraction with/without regrouping
Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Addition and Subtraction with/without regrouping
four cans of coca - cola are shown with the same amount as three other cans
Teach Doubles addition strategy with pictures ~ FREE ~ Click on picture to download ten photos of doubles facts.