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Horse saddles

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DIY Braiding/Plaiting Of your Horse's Mane!
Growing up, I have always wanted to own a horse. I got interested in it because I used to help my grandfather groom horses for public ceremo...

Horse braiding

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TOP 3 Deliciously Easy DIY Horse Treats
Which fruits and vegetables are safe for horses? Which are toxic? This infographic gives you some guidelines.
Horse Boredom Buster! Make it an organic horse boredom buster though... :)


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Also not my picture
Smart idea for a horse waterer.

Pasture ideas

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Horse stall mats offer some shock absorption and are much more forgiving than a concrete floor, but they're not intended to be the only source of cushion for a stalled horse. Generally you'll need to add a layer of shavings, straw, or other bedding over the mats to create a comfortable space for your horse...


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Animal knowledge

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Mastering the fundamentals of horseback riding is an important part of becoming a good rider. These 19 beginner horse riding exercises will help you learn the fundamental skills necessary.19 Beginner Horse Riding Exercises to Shake Up Your Routine | Helpful Horse Hints
If your schedule is a little out of hand for you to ride your horse then try these exercises for your horse instead. You'll both benefit from them even if all you have is 15 minutes.

Riding tips

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I live in a house, but my home is in the stable
Life ❤️

Horse quotes

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🏰 #1 tweaker on Twitter: "… "


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two horses are running in the grass near some trees and bushes, one is brown with white legs
I believe I can fly (If you likey dis pin, follow us for more @canispicta)
a white horse with long hair standing in an enclosed area next to a wooden building
Arina Libontova
Arina Libontova - Мой мальчик 🤍 Hermits Titanium
a brown horse sticking its head through the bars of a gated area in front of a wooden door
a white horse standing next to a black fence in the middle of flowers and trees
pretty horse
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a horse that is standing on its hind legs in the sand with it's front leg up
Pin by Funny Tee Store on Beautiful horses | Pinterest | Beautiful horses, Horses and Animals
two horses standing next to each other on a lush green field
Mama & baby stallion... 📷 @christa_merk