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Make Your Work Hours Count! — Jessica Zimmerman
I'm not going to tell you what I think you should do for your work day because I have no idea what your work day looks like. I'm just going to share with you what I started doing a few years ago that changed the way I view my work day in hopes that you'll find something to take with you to make your work hours count too.
the wedding contract labor agreement is shown in this brochure, which includes an image of
Contract Labor: My Freelancer Agreement — Arkansas Wedding Planner Florist | Education | Zimmerman
Done for you freelance contract template for your small business! This freelance agreement is the exact agreement I use to book contract labor for my own wedding industry business. Protect yourself and your clients with this resource, and never hire a freelancer without a contract again.
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How to Inspire Your Clients to Use Sophisticated Color Palettes for Their Wedding
As a floral designer, you know your clients need to elevate their wedding color palettes but how do you convince them to do so while also keeping them happy? In this webinar, I'm teaching you exactly how I take the colors my client wants, then elevate them into sophistication! You will learn how to keep your client happy but also enhance your portfolio, visually present your vision without confusing the client, and implement my entire process to add creativity to any event.
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Speed up your wedding client email responses with my exact email templates
Customizable Email Templates for Your Small Business from Jessica Zimmerman. Automating systems in your business can free you up to do the work you really love. Which is why having the right small business templates is so important. We created these customizable email templates to ensure that we’re maximizing our time and treating each client with the same degree of professionalism.
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Start your own floral design business with the Floral design business bundle templates
Floral Design Business Tools for Beginners. Are you just getting started with your floral design business? Not sure what tools you need to get started or specific things to do for your business? In this beginner floral business bundle, I'm sharing my business resources list with everything from the vessels I use, client gifts, and business programs for profit, my unusual system for ordering flowers and saving money in my budget and a video tutorial for how to start your floral business.
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How to Make a Living While Living on the Road | Williams, Arizona | Vlog Ep. 16 — Jessica Zimmerman
As a business owner living in an airstream full time with my kids, I often get asked how I can afford to travel full time. I’ve never been one to keep my business strategies or business tips a secret. I teach other moms, business owners and families how they can travel full time while running a business. I created 5 free trainings to help you build that kind of life, whether your dream is traveling the world, retiring at 35, growing your family, or buying a home.
an ipad with the text event floral installations how to design seven large - scale floral installations
How to Design SEVEN Large-Scale Floral Installations
How to Design SEVEN Large-Scale Floral Installations. Have you ever scrolled through Instagram for floral installations and thought, "how did they do that?!" In this video tutorial, I'm giving you all the answers! You will learn step by step instructions for designing 7 large-scale installations plus the exact tools I use for each project. This training is for floral designers, wedding business owners, floral arrangements done by brides, event planners and wedding planners.
a cell phone with the text create a stream of client leads with these tools
5 Tools to Book Your Next Client and Increase Client Leads
As a small business owner and entrepreneur, do you know where to find clients? Or maybe you spending hours trying to find your dream client on social media? There are better ways to find clients which is exactly what I'm teaching you in The Booking Reboot. This mini training will give you the tools you need to find clients, increase leads and become fully booked so you can increase sales for your business.
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Pinterest course for wedding photographers by a wedding and event planner
Pinterest Course for wedding photographers by Jessica Zimmerman, from Zimmerman Events. Inside the exclusive course on Pinterest for wedding professionals, we're going to provide step-by-step guidance to help wedding photographers, planners, floral designers and wedding professionals with the one search-engine platform that will bring their businesses to the next level. In 14 days or less, your Pinterest could be bringing LOCAL traffic to your website or blog. We'll show you step by step how!
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How to Spend Less on Advertising in Your Small Business
How to Spend Less on Advertising in Your Small Business. You can grow your business and make money without spending thousand in advertising! In this video tutorial, I show you how I went from speeding $25,000 a year to $250, how I analyzed my advertising investment return, and how I still attract more of my ideal client. If you're looking for things to do to market your business efficiently then check out this video tutorial.
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Easy to use phone photography presets by Zimmerman Events
Are you a travel blogger, mom blogger, Instagram Influencer or small business owner? Do you need professional looking photos to market your blog or business on social media? These light and airy Lightroom presets will give a clen and consistent feel to your Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. If you're editing your mobile phone photography, you need mobile preset to take your phone photos from blah to blooming.
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How to Actually Take Action When Your Gut Tells You to Move On with Kelsey Murphy
Kelsey is a present mom, a boundaries businesswoman, and an incredible career and life coach to women everywhere. On the Zimmerman Podcast we're chatting about how to know when it’s time to quit that “dream job” that’s turned into a nightmare, why burning out isn’t failing, just a learning opportunity, why action is the best teacher, and how to trust yourself and take action when you intuition tells you to move on. Career tips, business tips, growth mindset, lifestyle tips and success tips.
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Course for Pinterest marketing
If you're looking for a smarter way to market your online business using Pinterest, look no further than the Power of Pinning! I'll teach you my strategies to become more profitable with Pinterest. Thiscourse consists of video and text trainings where I'll teach you, step-by-step, how to use Pinterest for your business. The wedding Pinterest course all wedding pros need. #pinterestmarketing #pinterestforbusiness #pinterestcourse #weddingplanner #howtousepinterest #pinterestforonlinebusiness
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Video Tutorial: How to Close the Deal with Custom Proposals — Arkansas Wedding Planner Florist
How to Create Custom Client Proposals That Close the Deal. Want to know how to create an effective proposal that will help you land more clients? In this video tutorial, I'm walking you through the most important aspects of a client proposal, essentials you should include, how to present with confidence, plus the exact proposal template I use for my business to get more clients and increase sales.
Book More Clients for your Creative Business with Pinterest | The Power of Pinning
Book More Clients for your Creative Business with Pinterest, The Power of Pinning. Do you want to know how to find clients on Pinterest with Pinterest marketing tips that work? Are you looking for Pinterest marketing strategies to grow your creative small business? Inside The Power of Pinning, I teach you exactly how I use Pinterest to increase client leads, save time, make money and ultimately grow your business with Pinterest.