4th of July

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fireworks are lit up in the dark with text that reads, firework salt painting
Who knew painting with salt would turn out so cool!
a black card with fireworks on it next to a toothbrush and glass container filled with colored crayons
Patriotic 4th of July Crafts for Kids to Make
someone is painting red, white and blue stars on a piece of paper with the words shaving cream fireworks
Shaving Cream Fireworks
a person riding a bike with balloons attached to the front wheel and on the back tire
Fourth of July Decorated Bikes - Say Yes
Hi friends! Greetings from the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is spot we’ve vacationed as a family since I was a little girl and have so many fond memories of hot, laid back summers here. A few years ago we were here for the 4th of July for the first time and I …
a young boy riding a tricycle with red, white and blue decorations on it
deck out your trike for the 4th, From tikes to grown up big daddy's motorbikes! 4th of July is a good reason for FUN!
a kid's bike decorated with red, white and blue stars sits on the floor
Bike decorated in red white and blue for the 4th. I used plastic tape!
Patriotic Parade. Kids, Celebrities, Game Costumes, Tartan, 4th Of July Outfits, Sister Pictures, Style, Vehicles
Patriotic Parade.
a bike decorated with red, white and blue ribbons
Red, White and Blue Bike Decorations
Kids will go crazy decking their bikes out for the 4th of July. Free Printable USA Banner
a woman riding a bike with balloons on the back
Photos: Lynnfield's Summer Concert Series Gets Underway
Bike decoration for our neighborhood 4th of July parade
two pictures of a bicycle decorated with red, white and blue decorations
Bike Parade Ideas for The 4th of July
4th of July bike parade ideas