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a small dog holding a blue ribbon in it's mouth and sticking its tongue out
Miss Ellie
a dog sitting on top of a brown couch with its mouth open and tongue out
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I feel sorry for this little fella, people walking by must think "Ew, what an ugly dog!" He's still a dog and I bet he still acts the same. It's just unfortunate that he looks like that.
several women in pink dresses are walking down the street with baby in stroller and other people
My Big Fat "Gypsy" Dresses
Even the children. Raising the next generation of ugly wedding dress buyers
a woman in a white dress is holding a basketball
Ugly Wedding Dresses
a sphy cat sitting in a pile of wool with the caption, i are lord voldektty
hahahahahahahha! poor ugly cat @Brennan O'Donnell Sprague
a cat wearing a pink shark costume sitting on top of a toilet
猫たちの「きっついわー」な27の瞬間をとらえた画像 : カラパイア
fashion always makes us feel better... I guess even for some cats. Bless her heart.
a hairless cat yawning with the caption i said a trim
Hairless cat. So ugly it's cute. 'Ito ata ang pusang bahay e! Hindi ako maka get over anu baaaa LOL'
a cat sitting on top of a window sill with caption that reads, i had fun once it was awful
Funny Cats With Captions