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a large poster with many different types of plants
Ornamental Grasses Image Gallery
two park benches sitting next to each other in front of a building with lots of trees
Shadbush (Amelanchier) | GreenFuse Photos: Garden, farm & food photography
The abundant white spring flowers of the shadbush ( Amelanchier )
purple flowers are growing in the garden next to a wooden fence and stone path that leads to a lush green hillside
Grow Russian Sage for Its Tall Wispy Blue Flowers and Silvery Foliage
Russian Sage! needs full sun all day long to avoid being sparse.
red flowers are growing in the garden next to green grass
Perfecting plant combinations
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
a tree with yellow leaves in front of a house
ornamental trees
some think the Katsura tree smells like caramel or cotton candy when it loses it's leaves in the fall. Besides being wonderful to smell in the fall, the Katsura sports a lovely blend of orange-, raspberry- and apricot-coloured leaves. In the spring Katsura has reddish-purple new growth, in summer it sports heart-shaped blue-green leaves and in winter the gray, slightly exfoliating bark lends interest.
a wooden deck in front of a house with grass and rocks on the ground next to it
Anthony Paul Landscape Design | International Landscape and Garden Design
Stipa arundinacea Pinned to Garden Design - Planting Schemes by Darin Bradbury.
some very pretty blue plants by some purple flowers
Unbeatable Plants for the Maritime Northwest Garden
Helictotrichon sempervirens (Blue Oat Grass) - Evergreen grass with a feathery texture, brilliant grayish-blue foliage and tall, golden oat-like seed heads in summer. This workhorse is adaptable to drought, poor cultural conditions and lack of maintenance. Super low-care planting that looks good all year.
purple flowers are blooming in the garden
Sanguisorba tenuifolia ‘Purpurea’ (Japanese burnet)
purple flowers growing along the side of a stone wall
Lovely Catmint border (Nepeta X faassenii 'Walker's low')
some very pretty purple flowers in the grass
Sanguisorba officinalis ‘Arnhem’, gardening, texture, landscaping, landscape design
some very pretty purple flowers in the grass
Eryngium planum (Sea Holly) via garden.ee: This herbaceous perennial thistle has branched silvery-blue stems and and numerous small blue conical flowerheads surrounded by spiky bracts. #Sea_Holly #Thistle #Eryngium_planum
an instagram page with blue flowers and trees
Agapanthus Flowers
purple flowers are growing on the side of a wooden deck in front of some trees
Domein Gereserveerd - Mijndomein.nl
Verbena bonariensis
purple leaves are growing in the garden
oceandesigner - Contemporary - Landscape - New York - by Barbara Cannizzaro | Houzz
Smoke bush
wildflowers and other flowers in a field
Dotdash Meredith - America's Largest Digital & Print Publisher
Verbena bonariensis