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Till death do us part wasn’t long enough. Forever my husband, forever my love
........lost my heart.

The Moment

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Perfect for each other.
We both did.
This song came out right after we were married. Now it makes me cry.

Looking Back

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Akathist to Almighty God in Times of Sorrow and Depression
I just have to wait.
tears, pain, humility, patience, prayer

Looking Up

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Very true.......................Still.
This is also true of the metaphorical travel of widowhood. We travel alone and surprise ourselves.
Wow.... 3 years now.

Looking Within

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Moving forward with life; always. #bestwisdomquotes
For John and Mama, who liked me this way!

Looking Ahead

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Johnny Cash Once Said… – Dexter's Daily Quotes

The Present Reality

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Grief. ..
“Her grief still burdened her, and she knew she would bear it the rest of her days.”
Losing you by Lang Leav. Here's somebody that knows. And should probably blog. The Blog has been my lifeline.

What Grief Is & Isn't

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I'm learning how to do it on my own.
For the last guy that asked me out . . .  :D

Learning to Laugh

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Clapton knows grief.
The raw wisdom of Janis. And yes, I would :)

In the Arts

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You died on a Friday the 13th. Very thoughtless - too many dates to commemorate: April 13th, Holy Friday, and every Friday the 13th? Really!
January 20th. Happy birthday, my love.
Grief never takes a holiday.

Those Dreadful Holidays

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♥ For my wonderful widowfriends! ❣❣❣
And the WFFs welcome new members, new widows. <3

Walking Together

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a man is holding a guitar and looking at the sky with a quote from johnny cash
Johnny Cash Once Said… – Dexter's Daily Quotes
a quote from f scott fitzgerald that reads, suddenly she realized that what she was regetiing was not the lost past but the lost
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a glass ornament with a white ribbon in a box that says, i'll death do us part doesn't long enough forever my husband
Till death do us part wasn’t long enough. Forever my husband, forever my love
a house in the middle of a field with an inspirational quote above it that reads, i have revealed that the best step to take when trying to move forward
Inspirational Quotes That Will Propel You To Success
Moving forward with life; always. #bestwisdomquotes
a quote that reads friends pick us up when we fall down and if they can't pick us up, then lie down and listen for a while
♥ For my wonderful widowfriends! ❣❣❣
a black and white quote with the words i get by with a little help from my friends
two giraffes standing next to each other near rocks
peaceful eyes
And the WFFs welcome new members, new widows. <3
three giraffes are standing in the grass
500px / Photo
Here we are again - WFFs together in a bleak landscape.
a giraffe's face with blue eyes
Giraffa camelopardalis (giraffe)
When all of life looks bleak . . .