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an old building that is sitting in the grass
The old hotel that never was a hotel - Living Vintage
an old, run down house with a porch and balconies on the second story
Abandoned But Loved
Would love this home
black and white photograph of two people hanging on to power lines in an open field
Swinging in the park, Melbourne, 1945
Swinging in the park, Melbourne, 1945 | by National Archives of Australia
a white cooler sitting on top of a cement slab
Wringer washing machine
I have this model. Still going strong, but I've had to figure out a bypass on the foot-operated wringer. Works like a dream!
a large white tank sitting inside of a building
Vintage Maytag Washer ~ Edwards Appliance Store - Clarion, PA
I watched my grandmother put the washing through the mangle!
an old wooden house with porches and stairs in the fall leaves on the ground
Cozy Holiday Corner!
Vintage Farmhouse Decor | Old Farm House..America | Architecture
an old wooden house sitting on top of a wooden deck
Ghost Town Gallery - Hundreds of pictures of Ghost Towns in the American West
Bannack Masonic Hall, Montana
an old house in the woods with lots of trees and leaves on the front porch
Pretty detailing still evident
an old house sitting in the middle of a lush green field
Abandoned House