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a tiger is in the tall grass with its mouth open
Now Win This!: Unleash the Beast Sweepstakes - Criminal Element
a tiger with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open in front of fire
Tigres #fire
Os Tigres são alguns dos animais que estão quase em extinção! #tigres #tiger
a woman holding a coffee cup in front of her face with the caption, i am sorry to you
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a man holding the hand of a young boy
“Children don’t say, ‘I’ve had a bad day, can we talk?’. They say, ‘Will you play with me?’” - Lawrence Cohen #Development #Connection #NVRnorthampton #NVR #NonviolentResistance #SystemicApproach #CompassionateAction #ConnectedChildRaising #LawrenceCohen #Quotes
a skull wearing a helmet with two crossed swords in front of the word, big easy
Skull and Fleur De Lis
a drawing of a person laying on a couch with the words i honour my progress
October 10 marks World Mental Health Day 2019
October 10 marks World Mental Health Day 2019 / Twitter