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an old computer with a blue screen on it
Design is fine. History is mine.
Apple Macintosh Classic, 1990. The Classic was an adaptation of Terry Oyama’s and Jerry Oyama’s Macintosh 128K industrial design. Via domus
the steps to make an origami envelope with blue paper and silver foil on it
Maaemo’s Cool Business Card & Brand Identity
Maaemo Brand Identity_ designed by Work in Progress for the Norwegian restaurant, Maaemo
someone is holding up a piece of paper that has been cut into squares and placed on the wall
Business Card for: Carton Clan | The Best of Business Card Design
Business Card for: Carton Clan | The Best of Business Card Design
several different types of business cards and envelopes are shown in this graphic design process
Atipo: Minke Brand Identity and Collateral
Interesting. I like how the top of the image in grey shows how the logo came to be.
four different views of the inside of an ipad case, with instructions to make it
boxes of goodness delivered
Well done!
an origami model is shown with instructions on how to fold it
Upwork | Hire Freelancers. Make things happen.
love this #design #brochure #folds
an origami box that is open and showing how to fold the inside out
folded brochure in folded "envelope" #design #brochure #folds
three white plates with gold lettering on them, and the words tricky story well sprinkled
Quipsologies: Vol. 87 | No. 71
Jumbled copy, presented in a unique layered structure, creates a clever way to deliver 'A TRICKY STORY WELL SPUN' – Lisa Sanders
the folded up origami is being held in front of her face and hands
Sin Lucros BFA Exhibition Invitation - laurasoria
Sin Lucros BFA Exhibition Invitation << cool fold, no die cut required! (based on "explosion book" fold)