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someone holding up an old photo to show the child's face and hands on it
Sibia Torres Padilla | DIYs on Instagram: "Now I really want to figure out what to do with these prints. I think we need to frame them and make a gallery wall. I bought this pad of canvas paper for eight dollars and used a sheet of printer paper to trace and cut it to size I also went through a lot of old photos of the kids and cried, but you know that step is optional"
an old poster shows a man in a boat
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an envelope with a ship on it
a living room filled with white furniture and lots of pictures on the wall above it
cisco brothers orange county
cisco brothers orange county – Greige Design
the large boat is docked at the dock
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Mar, Fotos, Fantasy, Weihnachten, Life, Bizarre, Core
"who are you when nobody's watching"
the sun is shining brightly over the water
bathed in sunlight