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a bed sitting under a window next to a night sky
Cassian - A Court of Silver Flames
a poem written in black and white with the words i was not a pet, it's not a doll, not an animal
A Court of mist and fury, Sarah J Maas
there are mountains and stars in the sky with a handwritten quote above it that reads,'there you are we can looking for you '
Kindle wallpaper
a white sticker that says because the legends get written, i didn't want
"Acotar Book quote Rhysand " Sticker by Artbymanu | Redbubble
a quote that says i would have waited five hundred years for you thousand years and if this was all the time we were allowed to have the wait was worth it
Rhysand Quotes
the quote to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered
saarcxstic © x acotar series
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a black and white photo with the quote it's a man's world fevre not because it should be, but because we let them have it
'Leave this world...a better place than how you found it.'
And as its chest rose and stopped altogether, as its breath escaped in one last sigh, I understood why the Suriel had come to help me, again and again. Not just for kindness...but because it was a dreamer. - Feyre - Suriel - A Court of Wings and Ruin - ACOWAR - ACOTAR - Sarah J. Maas Writing Tips, Quote Of The Day, Author Quotes
Feyre Quotes