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a person sitting in the back of a truck on top of a dirt road with a sky background
Riding the Iron Ore Mauritania Train across the Sahara Desert
an aerial view of the desert with mountains in the background
Mauritania: Thieboudienne Fish with Rice & Date Couscous
an aerial view of a large building with two minalis in the middle of it
Mauritania ( موريتانيا ). A voyage to Mauritania, Africa.
a man with goggles and a blue scarf on his head standing in front of some sand
Trans-Sahara 2017, Part 3: MAURITANIA
an old stone building in the desert with no people around it and blue sky above
Chinguetty, a milenary caravan city in the desert of Mauritania [OC]
some people are walking around in front of a large stone structure that is surrounded by trees and bushes
Mauritania ( موريتانيا ). A voyage to Mauritania, Africa.
four camels are walking in the desert
Adventures Along Mauritania's Ancient Caravan Routes