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two different pictures of the same man in armor, one with his hands on his hips and
Troy (2004)
two women in roman garb are fighting with each other on a field near horses
brad pitt troy workout - Google Search
men dressed in roman armor standing on the beach with spears and shields around their necks
Troy (2004) - Movie Still
several men in armor standing next to each other
Troy soldiers in the Troy
two men in roman armor standing on a wooden platform with horses and people behind them
Great match for Antionus character
Duel of Menelaus and Paris
Крито-Микенская Греция
Duel of Menelaus and Paris
Early Greek Dark Ages warriors by Giuseppe Rava Ancient Greek, Ancient Civilizations, Archaic Greece, Ancient Rome, Greek Culture, Greek Warrior
Early Greek Dark Ages warriors by Giuseppe Rava
a drawing of two men in the air with one man carrying another on his back
AENEAS Escapes The Fall of Troy with his father Anchises and son, Iulus. "And so we make our way along the pitch-dark paths, and I who had never flinched at the hurtling spears or swarming Greek assaults — now every stir of wind, every whisper of sound alarms me, anxious both for the child beside me and burden on my back." - Virgil's Aeneid, Book II (Peter Connolly/Robert Fagles/user: Aethon)
an oil painting of a woman in ancient dress and headdress, with two horses behind her
Welcome to The Book Palace!
Helen of Troy
Greco Persian Wars, Atlantis
a man dressed in roman armor and holding a helmet on his shoulder with trees behind him
Odysseus-Troy(2004) Portrayed By Sean Bean
two men dressed in roman armor walking across a sandy area with other people behind them