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two concrete balls sitting in the dirt next to plants
DIY Concrete Garden Balls - Clumsy Crafter
Easy DIY Concrete Garden Balls
an orange, white and blue beach ball sitting on the ground
Large Holey Concrete Voronoi Orb
how to make concrete shiny and smooth with text overlay that reads, how to make concrete shiny and smooth
How to Get Concrete Shiny!
This tutorial from Artsy Pretty Plants will show you how easy it is to make concrete shiny and smooth. Learn which methods you can use and why the simplest one works the best for cement crafts. This shiny finish has an aesthetic appeal, and it also increases the durability of your concrete.
two spray bottles, one green and the other white
How to Add Antiquing to Concrete Urns
Hey friends! I’m so glad that you are here. Boy, are we going to have some fun together as I show you how to add antiquing to concrete urns. I just did a porch remodel and a patio remodel at the sametime. Yikes! I don’t really recommend that, as everything is torn up at the same time. See the porch remodel post here. I knew that I wanted some beautiful urns on both the porch and the patio. (Affiliate links are used for your convenience at no additional cost.. Read my…
a stone statue with moss growing on it's face
How to Make Moss
an open wooden box filled with dirt and a pink hose connected to the top of it
Here It Is! Oh! What a Big Hypertufa! Part Two
Rinsing and Leaching the Big Hypertufa
a close up of a blow dryer sitting on top of a rock
DIY Hypertufa Planter - My Vintage Porch
a water fountain with the words how to make a regrigating fountain out of a pot
Spruce up Your Outdoor Space with a DIY Recirculating Fountain! (tutorial)
Make a DIY Recirculating Fountain for your yard out of a pot!
two stone troughs sitting on top of a glass table in the grass next to trees
photo77 by Boxcroft Garden, via Flickr
the words, i've made it big hypertua are in front of a garden
Here It Is! Oh! What a Big Hypertufa! Part Two
a person in blue gloves is holding a large piece of cement on top of a rock
DIY Hypertufa Stone Planter - Jenna Sue Design
DIY Hypertufa Stone Planter