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two pictures one with oranges and the other with lemons in it, both have hearts on them
10+ Genius Hacks How To Easy Peel And Cut Fruits 🍉
10+ Genius Hacks How To Easy Peel And Cut Fruits 🍉
a woman giving the thumbs up sign in front of a window with words sparkling windows without drying
Stephanie Gigliotti on Instagram: "✨ This is my no fail, Streak Free Window Cleaning Recipe for outside windows using a couple of simple products you probably already have at home! ✨ Want to clean your windows as effortlessly as possible? This is for you! I have more info with FAQs on my website, or comment “CLEAN” and I’ll send you the link right to your inbox! #springcleaning #cleaningtips #howtocleanwindows #cleaninghacks"
a man wearing a suit and tie with flowers on it's lapel pocket
Rebecca Hobbs Floral Design |Cotswold Florist on Instagram: "The latest trend for the guys, pocket flowers! A simple fool proof way to wear flowers. See how I make mine, easy and practical. Save for later Thank you to @weddingcreationsuk for the cover image #pocketflowers #velvetdinnerjacket #mensflowers #weddingflowers #floristtutotial #flowerschool Cotswolds Barn wedding Spring flowers"
a window with the words how to fix a sticky sliding door in front of it
How to Get Sticky Sliding Doors Gliding Again
How to Get Sticky Sliding Doors Gliding Again
a living room with sliding glass doors that are open and the words how to get sticky sliding doors gliding again
How to Get Sticky Sliding Doors Gliding Again
Learn how to fix sticky sliding doors with these easy DIY fixes that will get your sliding doors moving again.
a pair of glasses with the words 10 easy ways to get rid of scratches on glasses
Scratches On Your Glasses Are So Annoying! Here Are 10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Them Forever
someone is holding two blue and white wires in their hand while they are opening the door
a woman is sitting on the ground and sticking her tongue out
Babs on Instagram: "It’s open window season 👏👏 have you spring cleaned your windows yet? What about those screens? I remember for so many years, taking out each screen and hosing it off or washing the screens in the bathtub - what a pain. Then I learned this trick to get the cleanest screens on the block - WD-40. All you do is spray WD-40 on a microfiber cloth and wipe down your screens on both sides. You won’t believe the difference. I like to put down a tarp because the WD-40 can be messy but my screens never looked so good. XO Babs #cleaningtips"
a person holding two forks and knifes over a piece of blue material on top of a table
68K views · 3.5K likes | ZYAN ✨ on Instagram: "Spoon hacks #instagood #education #facts #trending #lifehacks"
a metal pan filled with food on top of a counter next to a white and red sign
The Easiest Way To Remove Baked On Grease
a man standing in front of a window with the words window mashing hack on it
Daniel Cunningham on Instagram: "Window Cleaning Hack #windowhack #cleaningwindows #windowcleaner #paintroller #windowcleaning #cleaning #pressurewashing #windowcleaner #clean #cleaningservice #guttercleaning #carpetcleaning #commercialcleaning #housecleaning #cleaningservices #residentialcleaning #windowwashing #cleaningcompany #softwashing #officecleaning #powerwashing #softwash #theorganizerman #Love"