Multiple Intelligences

Activities and ideas for Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom.
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Renewable Nonrenewable Resources
Are you looking for a product designed to help students remember information about Earth's Renewable and Nonrenewable Natural Resources? These NATURAL RESOURCE lessons fit perfectly as an introduction, sprinkled within your unit, as an end of unit review, or as a part of your SCIENCE BLITZ REVIEW. Designed to enhance your instruction, your students will feel smarter and more successful because the information is visually organized. #science #renewablenaturalresources #nonrenewable #mindmaps
Multiple Intelligences Activity
Kids will have fun coloring while you zero in on their learning styles. This Multiple Intelligences Coloring Survey quickly identifies student learning styles and preferences, so you can design lessons targeting every kid in your class. It will also communicate a strong message to your believe every student can learn. My hope is for this product to save you HUGE amounts of time because less reteaching will be necessary.
the five types of people's body parts in a circle with words on each side
Multiple Intelligence Test for Children to Identify Their Strengths | LoveToKnow
an old woman teaching children in front of a blackboard
leerstijl-model Archives - Ik leer in beelden
leerstijl-model Archives - Ik leer in beelden
the words multiple intelligences are arranged in a colorful circle on top of each other
What Kind of Learner Are You? - Rowntree Montessori Schools
an orange and gray poster with the words inteliligencias multiples on it
[Reseña] La inteligencia reformulada - Howard Gardner [Infografía]
a wheel with words in different languages on the top and bottom half, including words that spell
B. What is my learning style?
a quote from howard gardir about stories
21 Twenty-First Century Quotes from Teachers around the World
a tree with a quote on it that says, everybody is a genius but if you fish by its ability to climb
Multiple Intelligences Lesson - Part 1 - The Responsive Counselor