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an open book with numbers and symbols on it
Multiplication Folder (helper)
a solar system made out of paper and some magnets on the side of a brick wall
'Solar System' Project board (2nd grade) *Jungle Academy*
a bulletin board with planets and stars on it
'Solar System' Lapbook (outside) *Jungle Academy*
an assortment of outer planets and their names are shown in the box on the floor
'Solar System' Lapbook (inside, #1) *Jungle Academy*
the outer planets bookmarks are lined up in different colors and shapes, with each one being an individual's own planet
'Solar System' Lapbook (inside, #2) *Jungle Academy*
the human body is written in multicolored letters on a colorful plaid pattern paper
'Human Body' Lapbook (outside) *Jungle Academy*
an open book with pictures and words on the pages that are cut in half to look like human body parts
'Human Body' Lapbook (inside, #1) *Jungle Academy*
an open book with images of people and words on the pages, all in different colors
'Human Body' Lapbook (inside, #2) *Jungle Academy*
a table topped with lots of books and cards on top of yellow cloth covered tables
HUMAN BODY: Our 'theme' learning table *Jungle Academy*
a child's medical bulletin board with an image of the human body on it
HUMAN BODY: Our 'theme' learning table (What am I made of?) *Jungle Academy*
the united states of america bulletin board
'50 STATES' Lapbook (inside) *Jungle Academy*
an american flag and two crossed flags on a red background with the words united states
'50 STATES' Lapbook (outside) *Jungle Academy*
a table that has some words on it and an image with the word measure it
Measuring (length, weight, temperature, volume) ~anchor chart *Jungle Academy*