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a green poster with the words how to give when it's hard written on it
55 Powerful Scriptures on Forgiveness
Scriptures on Forgiveness: Even When it's Hard! - Christian Counseling
a prayer card with the words,'prayer for wisdom and guidance please take control of my life '
a prayer for a woman who puts god first
Prayer To Be A Woman Who Puts God First - Grace and Prayers
Striving to be a woman who places God at the forefront of her life is a journey of faith, dedication, and transformation. Pray for the clarity to see God’s hand in every aspect of your life, the courage to follow Him even when the path seems uncertain, and the commitment to serve His purpose with all your heart and soul. Walk in His light and love. Discover more prayers for putting God first at Grace and Prayers.
a prayer for communication in marriage
Prayer to communicate and understand each other efficiently in marriage
Praying over your marriage is the only way to cover and protect your marriage. This prayer will enable you and your husband to have a better communication.