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two pieces of plastic are in the shape of trianglees and one piece is shaped like a brain
Biology Jewelry Anatomical Brain Plastic Bag Necklace - Etsy
the bear earrings are all different colors
gummy bear Drop Earrings For Women's for Sale in Houston, TX - OfferUp
three necklaces with different designs on them sitting on a pink tablecloth, one has a game controller and the other is a star
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six different colored teddy bears on silver earwires with swarong crystal beads
This item is unavailable - Etsy
two coca - cola bottle caps are hanging from earrings
New Earrings for Sale in Durham, NC - OfferUp
two orange pencils are sitting next to each other with colored pencils in the background
Real Colored Pencil Earrings, Art Teacher Gifts for Women, School Supplies Handmade Jewelry, Statement Funky Jewelry, Unique Dangle Earrings - Etsy Australia
three pairs of gummy bears are shown with the words google and jungle on them
gargle Gummy Bear Earrings