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the reading response choice board is shown in red and blue text, which includes several different words
Love this ... Free Reading Response Choice Board. Each choice has a clickable link to an online resource. Awesome :)
the genius hour activity for kids to learn how to write and use their own words
genius hour class 1.pdf
Now THIS is a great idea! Yes, it takes one hour out of the week, but it's an hour that integrates subject matter and ignites students' interest. This could be the one that grabs those reluctant learners and gets them fired up! Goes directing to for the download.
the genius hour worksheet for students to learn how to write and use it
Genius Hour Brainstorm-A Fun Way to Engage Students in Writing with Multiple Options for Topics! Other worksheets are on the website of this sheet.
the genius time poster with instructions on how to use it and what to use it
Thinking about starting Genius Hour in your classroom? Click here for 6 Tips on creating a successful Genius Time experience in your elementary classroom.
a printable worksheet with the words genius hour proposal on it
i can create worksheet with pictures and words to help students learn how to use them
Genius Hour in the Primary Classroom - The Teacher Bag
Awakening the Genius in You Primary Classroom: Genius Hour
a printable question sheet with the words genius hour ideas
Ideas for Genius Hour Worksheets
Ideas for Genius Hour More