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a stuffed animal is sitting in an x - ray machine for spectacular pretend play at home
X-Ray Dramatic Play for Preschoolers - How Wee Learn
A great tutorial for how to make a SIMPLE X-ray machine for your dramatic play centres in preschool or at home! Kids love this for imaginative play!
there are two shelves that have different items on them
Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Area - Little Lifelong Learners
Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play Area - Little Lifelong Learners
two pictures with the words farm sensory play in front of them, and an image of
Farm Sensory Play Activity for Preschoolers - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
a plastic container filled with yellow toys on top of a sandy ground next to rocks
DIY Sand and Rock Box - FSPDT
two pictures side by side with different items in jars and spoons on the table
Doctor Dramatic Play Printables
Encourage your little ones to learn through play with these Hospital / Doctor Dramatic Play Printables. You can create the perfect imaginative play scene for toddlers and preschoolers to play at home or in a kindergarten classroom. Little ones will practice social skills, role playing, turn taking and even simple maths! Instantly download the Doctor Dramatic Play Printables after checkout, edit and print today! THIS PACK INCLUDES PDF files with: Children's Hospital, Hospital and Do
a blue cart with lots of items in it on top of a hard wood floor
10 Reasons Every Parent Needs One Of These In Their Lives