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some rocks and a flower in a frame
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas : Pebble Mother Daughter | 25+ DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom & Grandma
an ice cream sundae in a box is packed with candy, candies and other items
The 11 Best DIY Anytime Gifts | The Eleven Best
a jar that has some kind of thing in it with the words, the jar of nothing
passive aggressive christmas roundup.....
Next time my mom gives me that crap she gets this............followed by the perfect gift that probably took me forever to figure out cuz she wouldnt just tell me:
two pictures of wooden clothes pins with words on them, one has an envelope and the other says you have a message
COCO29 - Advice, Opinions & Insights on Love, Relationships & Spirituality
an open birthday card with balloons on it
√41+ Handmade Birthday Card Ideas With Images and Steps
a card with two hearts cut out of it sitting on a table next to stacks of plates
Van alles over mij en mijn hobby: scrappen!
a bottle of water sitting on top of a counter next to a glass container with a snowman label
20 DIY Snowman Best Tutorials and Crafts - Craftionary
a valentine's day card with paper hearts on it and some other crafting supplies
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valentine's day card with paper hearts attached to them
25+ Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards
Couple Heart Hot Air Balloon Card - 25+ Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards -
a jar that has some kind of message on it
Jar of Nothing: the perfect present for the picky prick in your life
Jar of nothing, isn't that what you asked for "nothing."