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the words can't be made out of legos are displayed on an iphone screen
Build a Sight Word (plus recording sheet)
Focus: Phonemic Awareness Directions: Brainstorm with students and record the sound for each letter in the alphabet. Have students practice pronouncing each letter sound using 3 letter words.
an open box with the letter f in it
Sensory "play" for developing fine motor skills and letter/number familiarity eye/hand coordination - eye tracking and "copying." So good for so many skills!
the letter s worksheet for beginning sounds
Phonics Letter of the Week S
Phonics Letter of the this idea, but it is $5/letter to purchase
two trash cans sitting next to each other on the floor
Your very own bob and bob from phonics play - choose the words/ purpose. The children can see the words/ post them in the bin mouths! Is it a real word or alien/silly word? I love the iwb bob and bob but I have a visually impaired child who needs to see bigger font nice and close.
printable worksheet for beginning and ending sounds
ABC and Phonics Worksheets
Free Phonics Worksheets: writing exercise, mazes, reading sheets and e-books for hard consonants and short vowels
two pictures with the words word family and an apple tree on them, one is cut out
Apple Tree World Family Literacy Game (Learn Play Imagine)
Apple Tree World Family Literacy Game
printable worksheet for beginning and ending the letter b with pictures to color
FREE Phonics Letter of the Week B | Back to School Alphabet Worksheets
Phonics Letter of the Week Bb {FREE}. A HUGE unit (81 pages) with all that you need for a letter of the week curriculum. A page from the unit: CVC Picture scramble cut and paste activity.
three baskets filled with toys and numbers on top of a wooden floor next to the words phonicics baskets
Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity - The Imagination Tree
Phonics activity using sorting baskets
the table is set up for children to play with their finger puppets and other toys
Rock My Classroom
Rock My Classroom | Irresistible early Years ideas for your indoor and outdoor provision….
roll a sound game with dices and letters to spell the word's name
Roll a sound s, a, t, i, p, n
Roll a sound! First 6 Jolly Phonics sounds. Probably would use a dice with the letters written on it