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a collage of people's faces made up of different types of newspaper strips
Recycled Magazine Collage Art By Patrick Bremer
collage art | Recycled Magazine Collage Art By Patrick Bremer | VM designblog Global
a woman with leaves on her head and the image is made up of photoshopped
Collages by Artist Rocio Montoya
Paper collages by Madrid-based artist Rocio Montoya. More images below. Rocio Montoya’s Website Via: Ignant
a white frame with flowers hanging from it
Flower Constructions by Anne Ten Donkelaar
Flower Constructions by Ann Ten Donkelaar
a woman sitting at a table in front of a mirror with words all over it
Richard Curtner | Curtner Art
Self Reflection collage by artist Richard Curtner. A good visual reminder of the importance of self-reflection, although not necessarily by looking in the mirror!
an abstract painting with multiple layers of different colors
America by Grace Breyley: torn paper landscape. could be in fabric also, love the stripes
a mason jar filled with water and sunflowers
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Star Jar - PAPER PRINT, terrarium jar, nature print, mason jar, mountain poster, night sky, moon stars, mixed media collage art:
a sailboat floating on top of the ocean next to an inscription that reads float on little sailor
ty williams
Sailing, sailing over a tower of blue sea...collage how about painting boat instead and make mixed media
a collage of blue and white paper with words on it
Watercolor Collage-Grade 11 | Collage art projects, Paper collage art, Collage landscape
Sky over the bay collage with torn magazine pages. Love the stormy looking blue clouds!
many different pictures are arranged together on the wall in this photo, including leaves and mushrooms
High Times Magazine Collage Wall Art — CHRONIC CRAFTER
High Times Magazine Collage Wall Art
an image of a snowflake made out of many different colors and shapes on white paper
Bumbumbum art, design and advertising blog in Bravo!
bumbumbum - art, design and advertising blog
an abstract painting of trees and grass with blue sky in the background
Paper Collage • Recyclart
Torn and cut magazine paper collage by Janey Jones Gloucestershire Resource Centre