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a penguin poem with the words three little penguins and an image of a penguin on it
Three Little Penguins Preschool Felt Board Circle Time Song
a poem with snowflakes on it and the words in red are written below
A little song to get the kids excited for winter.
the four seasons trees are painted in different colors
January- What's New on the Art Shelves this Winter?
a polar bear shaped paper cutout on the ground next to a snowman's hand
How To Make An Adorable Handprint Polar Bear - Plus A Free Winter Scene Download For Your Bear
a handmade snowman card with the words, my love for you will never melt
23 Cute and Fun Handprint and Footprint Crafts for Kids – The...
a child's hand on top of a plastic bag filled with snowflakes
No Mess Sensory Play: Winter in a Bag - A Little Pinch of Perfect
No Mess Sensory Play: Winter in a Bag -
there is a sign on the wall that says, i love my grade school today
a piece of paper with the words alice's walking in a winter wonderland on it
Infant art- Walking In a Winter Wonderland
two handprinted hands on top of a red heart with the words cold hands, warm heart
Winter Wonderland