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Yankee k sath dua mango zaroor Qubool Hogi 🤗
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an arabic text is shown in yellow and black
sura tuba
an islamic poem written in two languages on a black background with gold trimmings
Quran, Dua For Love Marriage, Dua For Love, Love Marriage, Love And Marriage, For Love, Parenting
dua for love marriage 🤍
an islamic text on the front of a white building with snow in arabic and english
the woman is holding her phone up to take a selfie
dua for lilatal qadar
an islamic quote with the moon in the sky above it and trees at night behind it
dua for lilatal qadar @kausar_wri8s
an arabic text with two different languages
a person with their hand on the back of an afghan shawl that reads, alhamma ajiri minan naar aye allaah
Ramazan ki akhiri Ashar ki dua
the text is written in black and white
dua for easy ❤️
an arabic text on a red background with the words in two languages, one is written as
ameen summ Ameen ❣️