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an image of a cell phone with the user's name and description on it
Mobile App Consistency by Design
a man standing in front of a gray background with the words sebastian kolb on it
Daily UI #006 User Profile
Daily UI #006 User Profile (
two cards with the same image on them, one has a woman's face
Detail + Comments section (for pal)
Around 2 weeks ago I worked for pal for some screens that he required, well I found it so perhaps I thought its a good idea to share. Share some love for this mistake :)
three different screens showing the time and temperature for each day, from one to five minutes
UI image inspiration on Designspiration
Flag app by Asger Vigen
a bunch of different screens with numbers on them
Pomodoro Plus HD - Time Management Tool
an image of a cell phone screen with icons on it in the dark, lit up
Fingertip therapy, iPhone-esque fad from BenQ and Siemens
an image of a web page with many different colors and font styles on it, including black
WOW! Si j'avais mon portfolio à faire, il ressemblerait à celui-ci. L'aspect FLAT est majoritaire. Le contraste des couleurs foncé et pâle donne un effet de professionnalisme incroyable. L'alignement est parfait