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some very pretty green plants in the grass
How to Grow Lamb's Ears, Nature's Most Touchable Plant
Lamb's Ear: Stachys byzantina. Perhaps the most well-known species of the lamb's ears. 'Countess Helene von Stein' (also called 'Big Ears') is a popular cultivar that offers leaves double the size (four inches across and up to 10 inches long!)
a garden with lots of green plants and flowers in the front yard, next to a house
Kaleb Wyse on Instagram: "If you need a plant that can take harsh conditions, such as full sun, this Helen von Stein Lamb’s Ear (Stachys) is the perfect one for you! Remember/save this one for later so you can plant it, too!"
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a blue and white pillow
Chocolate Drop Coleus, Sweet Caroline Raven upside black coffee potato vine, white licorice
the pink flowers are blooming on the bush in front of the brick planter
Pink Splash Weigela Dormant Jumbo Bare Root Starter Flowering Shrub (1-Pack), Size:24 inches long
Pink Splash Variegated Weigela has cascades of gracefully arched branches loaded with clusters of pink, funnel-shaped blooms from late spring to fall. The blooms, which are about 1 in. across, attract hummingbirds. As pretty as the blossoms are, they are not the only attraction of this showy plant. The foliage is lovely in its own right, with toothed, oval, green leaves edged in creamy white. Its compact size makes this shrub ideal for small spaces and urban landscapes. Hardy in USDA zones 3 to 8. Each offer includes one dormant bare root plant measuring 24 inches long.
spring blooming saucer magnolia tree in the landscape Magnolia Tree Front Yard, Tulip Meadow, Magnolia Tree Landscaping, Magnolia Bush, Southern Magnolia Tree, Spring Blooming Trees
Saucer Magnolia Trees For Sale Online