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an image of a poem written on paper with the words, this is how you manfest
So many people ask me how to work with manifesting. Well first off youve got to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on what it is you actually want! How can the Universe help you to make your dreams come true if you keep flip flopping from one thing to another?!? Once youve decided then spend some time each day visualising your manifestation as though you already have them. See them in as much detail as you can and feel all the emotions youll have when those dreams become your reality. Make sure you dont
a poem written on a blackboard with the words i call my power back to me
Random Boss Won’t Believe He Got The Wrong Number And Keeps Calling This Person On Vacation
the words train your mind to hear what god is whispering not what the enemy is shouting
✅Abundance Gateway: 16 Prayers for Prosperity and Blessings (Follow This Link)✅ Healing Prayer Quotes, Bible Prayers, Bible Verses Quotes
✅Abundance Gateway: 16 Prayers for Prosperity and Blessings (Follow This Link)✅
🌈 Ever prayed for a breakthrough? I have something special for you. 🤔 It's about tapping into a powerful force many overlook – a force that can transform your life. ✨ It’s about aligning faith with one important thing. 🙌 Prayers are powerful, but combined with the right knowledge, they're unstoppable. 🙌 I've discovered a method that could be your answer. #PrayerPower #DivineConnection #SpiritualStrength #PrayBelieveReceive #FaithJourney #SacredMoments ✅ (Follow This Link) ✅
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a black and white photo with the words dear god i need you more than ever please bring
the prayer for children with an image of jesus and mary on it, which reads cover our children
Touch & Cover my the Name of Jesus!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏾
a poem written in white on a black background with butterflies flying around it and the words heal
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