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an art installation made out of balloons in the shape of a house
Water Pavilion | Synecdoche Design Studio | Archinect
an outdoor structure made out of plastic bottles
Fantastic Small-Scale Architecture Can Include More Than Tiny Houses
Nanotecture by Rebecca Roke proves that small-scale architecture isn't just about tiny houses.
a group of people sitting under colorful umbrellas
dome installation made out of colorful umbrellas decorates beach on brazil
a woman walking down a street under a colorful umbrella covered walkway in an area that looks like a multicolored checkerboard pattern
Skechers Summer Camp
some pink and orange streamers hanging from the ceiling in front of a white wall
Summer Crafts: DIY Pool Noodle Garland
a man is walking through a room with many colorful kites hanging from the ceiling
Welcome - Christel Sadde - Artist, creator of mobile sculptures
three popsicles are lined up against a wall with neon colored paint on them
Escaparates de verano, polo de naranja o polo de limón!
Escaparates de verano 4 …
a woman sitting at a desk in an office with pink paper decorations hanging from the ceiling
Decorate in 3D.
an inflatable object is sitting on the ground near some tall buildings and trees
Summer Igloo | Virginia Melnyk | Archinect
there are many pink and orange objects in this alley way that look like they have been made out of sticks
Passages Insolites (Unusual Passages): Public Art Festival in Quebec City
The Unusual Passages - Outdoor Art in Quebec City | Justin Plus Lauren Read more:
an arch made out of colored plastic tubes and sprinkles in front of a building
🌈 Rainbow Walkway
Pool noodles create this amazing rainbow walkway installation in Toronto. Credits -
a blue bench sitting in the middle of an empty room with graffiti written on it
Is It Art, or Is It Type? What We Learn When Language is Built, Not Written
Is It Art, or Is It Type? What We Learn When Language is Built, Not Written – Eye on Design
two children are playing in the sand next to a large metal structure that looks like an elephant
Elephant Slide, Girona 1975 (Stella Kids)
Elephant Slide, Girona 1975
an aerial view of several colorful structures in the grass with chairs and tables around them
unopiu in wonderland installation by ferruccio laviani