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a person writing on a piece of paper with butterflies coming out of it
a black and white photo with the words in french, which are written on it
a mountain with the words in french above it
Un jour où j’étais triste - Inspirations pour réussir sa vie
an older couple sitting on a bench with a cat in front of them and the caption reads, trouvez toquours le courage de parleme de pailer et
Ferré, Baudelaire, Verlaine et autres poètes ...
Ferré, Baudelaire, Verlaine et autres poètes ...
a sign that says, on me sauve pass gens deux - memes
a kitten sleeping on top of a tree branch with the caption'l'orelle le plus comfortableable est une conscience tranquilile
an orange cat laying on top of a roof with the caption'ly deux facons de gerrer les difficultes les diffificuties les modities les motiliers les modifiere'les moditifer
Citation - Phyllis Bottome - les difficultés