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some paper cups are sitting on the floor and there is a sign that says 12 superfun easy - prep sunday school games
12 Super-Fun, Easy-Prep Sunday School Games Your Students Will Love - Kids Bible Teacher
an advertisement for a children's bible lesson
Object Lessons for Children I FutureFlyingSaucers
a ticket to heaven a paper cutting object lesson
Folding and Cutting Paper to Make a Cross, Ticket to Heaven Story
the text carry my rocks object lesson about sin 1 peter 22 24
Carry My Rocks Object Lesson about Sin (1 Peter 2:24) - Ministry-To-Children
the text reads, one of my favorite children's ministry object lessons is the candy bar prayer request set this up by talking
Children's Ministry Object Lesson-Candy Bar Prayer Request
a bowl filled with lots of colorful candy
Jesus in the Wilderness ~ Object Lesson
an apple sitting on top of each other with the words'attitude apple object lesson '
Attitude Apple Object Lesson
a girl is holding a tennis ball in her hand and the words, esther's courage object lesson
Esther's Courage Object Lesson
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a wooden table
Making Good Choices Object Lesson & Family Discussion Outline
a tennis ball sitting on top of a cup with the words what is self - control?
Self-Control Object Lesson {Joshua 7}
a group of children sitting on the floor in front of a man speaking to them
The Fruit of the Spirit
Fruit of the Spirit game, short lesson, for kids, elementary age students, Sunday school, kids church.
the old testament bible people worksheets for kids and adults, part 2 - english & arabic
Old Testament Bible People Worksheets Part 2
These worksheets are great! Use them for review after the lesson - they work well for preschool as I could read the question and they can choose the answer from the pictures listed.
a wooden frame with a green cross on it that says good morning dear jesus, this day is for you we ask you to bliss all we think, say and do
Frame a Prayer with Children
Prayer reminder. Could work in bathroom or before you leave the house
a paper plate with children's artwork on it that says, can pray when i come home
I Can Pray
I can pray when I . . . (a cute craft to help remind children that they can pray at any time.